• Up your Game. Invest Forward.


    You are either being disrupted or leading the disruption


    What's your next move?

  • Why a Collective?

    Because a group of smart people is smarter than any 1 individual

    Because together we have wider reach and exponentially more connections

    A collective is more than the sum of its parts - magic happens in between

  • What is the Futurist Collective


    The Futurist Collective is an exclusive collection of futurists, strategists and great business minds who co-create the world by investing smartly in themselves, their careers, and the technologies and people who will make a lasting change.


    Their foresight, insight and network reaches further and wider than any conventional expert and their focus is on leaving a legacy of change, a legacy of sustainability, a legacy for the next generation. ​


    Wealth creation isn't just about discipline.

    What happens in the next 20 years does not just depend on market conditions and career opportunities. Handing over to the "experts" is the old model.

    What you create for your future is about starting with the end in mind. Being part of focused groups of brilliant minds collaborating is the new way of working. Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd.


    We organise monthly events to bring our investor network together.

    We curate founder pitches to present to our investors once a quarter.

    We harness the wisdom of the crowd to make investment decisions

    and provide feedback to the founder teams

  • What the Collective Brings

    You'll receive powerful tools that you can immediately apply to your portfolio to help you identify exponential opportunities. You'll also become part of a tight-knit, extraordinary group of individuals who collaborate and are committed to Next Generation thinking.

    Three main components drive the value to you in experiential ways:

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    Join the Wise Crowd

    Be a member

    Join monthly events to both look at emerging trends and connect the dots with your current career and network. Get to know the Wise Crowd, diversify and grow your network of already established business players and gain access to both content, people and investment opportunities you would normally not even be aware of. And on top of that you are featured on the Board Member Network for scale-ups. You may be the missing link in an eco-system without even knowing it.

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    Leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd

    Vote and Give feedback

    Every one of our members has a ' Blink' Capability, an expertise or competence, applicable to business. Apply this blink capability and in-built-business smarts that you apply on a daily basis to start ups, and harness the Wisdom of the Crowd. Learn what other strategists and Futurists are saying to make better informed business decisions.

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    Invest - grow exponentially

    Invest in early stage investments as a group where you leverage the network, smarts, and funding of the Futurist Collective. See, attract and decide where you grow your portfolio, your assets, and create lasting change in the world. Build your Board experience and roll with the investor movements to build out that investing-muscle as you diversify your portfolio and gain access to exponential opportunities while in excellent company.

  • You are suitable to join the Futurist Collective

    Never doubt that a small group of committed thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead

    You are forward thinking and strategic in your decisions

    You are excited about the future and the opportunities it will bring

    You are looking for exponential not linear investments

    You know that if you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room

    You're interested in growing your portfolio and positively impacting the world.

    You are a (former) top tier consultant or executive and have skills that make you part of the wise crowd


    If this sounds like you,
    you've come to the right place.


    It takes courage to be at the frontier.

    With the right people, great things can happen.


    Are you ready to start creating a legacy for the next generation?


    Suitability assessment happens on an individual basis through a screening call with a member of the Futurist Collective

  • Join our Investor Think Tank

    You are either disrupting or being disrupted - Invest Forward


    The Futurist Collective is an online Think Tank Membership & investment platform.


    In the Futurist Collective.....


    The short term focus ensures you are ahead of disruption, now:

    Be part of monthly Mastermind sessions focused on Future Skills


    The long term game is a portfolio of assets with exponential growth:

    Access exponential investment opportunities every quarter

    and leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd

  • Why we do what we do?


    We believe that a small group of committed thoughtful citizens can change the world.

    We believe that every business has the power to change lives.


    We believe that there are smarter ways of working than status quo.


    We give our time, energy and money to projects and people aligned with our vision and goals.


    We believe we can co-create a better future with people we choose to work with.

  • Create that WINNING pitch

    If you have a start up of scale up company and you're needing funding and the right connections to grow exponentially, you've come to the right place.


    We offer a combination of


    to Investors and

    Financial and Business Model 


    that scale with your business


    to set you up for that WINNING PITCH with investors.


    If you've experienced:

    Frustration with the lack of understanding from potential investors

    Confusion about what investors are asking and telling you

    Disappointment about putting in loads of effort and not getting any traction with investors.....


    Then we invite you to try the



    The Investment Ready Pitch Process for Founders is a 6 x 1 hr sessions online and 1:1 with us to get your pitch " Investor Ready".


    We ask the questions your investors will be thinking and make sure that all the answers are included in your pitch, backed up by the numbers

  • Is this you right now?

    You have been working on your business for a while -

    ...You know this can be big, you are a disruptor

    ...You have had some great results to date

    ... You need funding......yesterday to make that next big step in your business

    ... You are having trouble converting your vision to open wallets with investors


    And let's be honest it is so easy to:

    ....get stuck in the bubble of doing and your own conversations

    ....Listen to the horror stories of businesses that have sought investors and have been put through the ringer

    ...Get lost as to who to turn to for unbiased advice

  • Benefits

    Get ready with not just the story and the team, but the numbers too



    We help you iterate the business model and financials to demonstrate your opportunity is the best investment opportunity for the investors you approach


    Fast Track Growth

    We work with you to identify where you can strengthen your team and board for fast tracking results



    We check whether equity investment is the best option for you and investigate whether you could secure funding via alternative methods